Welcome to the Third Year Laboratory website

This is the faculty's official webpage for the third year laboratories. This site is used for both the 3rd year COMMON Lab SKEE3732 (taken in Semester 1) and 3rd year SPECIALISED Lab SKEE/SKEM/SKEL 3742 (taken in Semester 2)

Students may find the list of laboratories and experiments involved in this site. In addition, students may download the laboratory sheets and other relevant references too.  

* Please note that there are certain laboratories where quizzes or pre-lab tasks ought to be accomplished before students conduct the particular experiment. Therefore, please visit the laboratory websites and study the necessary instruction/manual before you proceed to the laboratory.    

** Students are responsible to identify the experiment and the associated pre-lab task before proceeding to the particular laboratory. Please refer to the Student Group for your group number and Timetable for the experiment of the week.  


Session: 20202021-2

  • Dear students, the SKEE/SKEL/SKEM3742 3rd Year Specialised Lab will be conducted online at least until mid semester break.
  • For the time being, we plan to commence this lab at week 2 of the academic calendar which will start on 21 Mac 2021.
  • The timetable, list of group members, labsheets, lab facilitators, forms and all important documents will be provided in this webpage once it is ready.
  • Action taken by students: 
    • To those who have not registered to this course, PLEASE REGISTER IMMEDIATELY!
    • For SKEE students, ensure that the code is SKEE3742. 
    • For SKEM students, ensure that the code is SKEM3742.
    • For SKEL students, ensure that the code is SKEL3742 AND that your section matches the specialisation:
      • SKEL3742 Section 1 is for Electronic System Design specialisation
      • SKEL3742 Section 2 is for Microelectronics specialisation
      • SKEL3742 Section 3 is for Computer Engineering specialisation
      • SKEL3742 Section 4 is for Medical Electronics specialisation
      • SKEL3742 Section 5 is for Telecommunication specialisation
  • If there is any error, please make sure you correct it in your registration via myutm portal. 
  • Once you know your group and facilitator, please make a group chat and invite your facilitator in. Your facilitator will then guide you throughout the lab.