SKEE 3732           

    In general, the assessment scheme for this course is as follow:

    Pre-Lab (Team Work)                                                              15%

    In-Lab performance (Team Work)                                          10%

    Short Report (Team Work)                                                      25%

    Oral Interview (Individual)                                                       20%

    Long Report (Individual)                                                          30%

                                                                TOTAL                          100%

Assessment Scheme 

1.    Pre- Lab                                                                    [  20%  ]

The Pre-Lab task could be a short quiz (approximately 15 minutes) which should be carried out before continuing an experiment. Besides that, it also could be a simulation task or an assignment that should be performed before entering the particular laboratory. 

The purpose  of this Pre-Lab task is to ensure that preliminary work (homework) is done before proceeding to the laboratories.  The content of a quiz could be taken from the laboratory's website or the references stated by the particular laboratory. Therefore, please refer to the laboratory website or visit the laboratory to obtain further details, at least ONE WEEK before. 

2.    In - Lab Performance                                                [  15%  ]

The assessment is made based on the following aspects:                                                                                            
Ability to Use Equipment
Handling & Understanding of Experiment
Efficiency in Taking Data
Discipline and Adherence to Rules and Regulation
Ability to work in groups


3.    Short Report                                                               [  15%  ]

The assessment is made based on the following aspects:   
Report Organization
Analysis of Results 


4.    Oral Interview                                                             [  20%  ]

  Each student will be interviewed by the lab instructors (lecturers) several questions related to the experiment.

5.    Long Report                                                                [  30%  ]

Each student is required to produce only one long report per semester.    

  * Please refer to Guideline to Long Report Writing.

The suggested content of the Long Report should (at least) consists of the following sections:

Report Format & Organization
Theory & Background