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3rd Year Lab (Common) - SEEE3732 - Semester I

SEEE 3732
Session: 20212022-1


Please fill in the 'Peer Review' form for 2nd round before 12:00am, Friday 28th January 2022. The link for each section are as follows

* Log on to E-Learning for the link to join Telegram group for each section

Watch the 'Briefing of the 3rd Year Lab SEEE3732'

Student Briefing SEEE3732-20212022i.mp4

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Our Common 3rd Year Lab will start on 31 October 2021. What you should do?
  1. CHECK YOUR GROUP --> Look for your 'section' and 'group code'. The first digit of your group code is the section, while the last 2 digit is your 'group number'
  2. Based on your group number, check your EXPERIMENT TIMETABLE. Each week you will enter different lab and perform different experiment.
  3. Base on EXPERIMENT TIMETABLE, you need to CONTACT YOUR RESPECTIVE LECTURER prior to your lab session

  • Dear students, the 3rd Year Common Lab (SEEE3732) will be conducted online for the first-half of the semester.
  • For the time being, we plan to commence this lab at week 3 of the academic calendar which will start on 31 October 2021.
  • The timetable, list of group members, labsheets, lab facilitators, forms and all important documents will be provided in this webpage once it is ready.
  • To those who have not registered to this course, PLEASE REGISTER IMMEDIATELY!


SKEE 3732 - Common Laboratories

Common Third Year Laboratory  (SKEE 3732)
Coordinator    :    Dr. Mohd Rodhi Sahid                 
Office                :    P02-317 /  P07-222            
Email                :    rodhi@fke.utm.my   /   rodhi@utm.my
Contact No.    :     07- 5535895


List of laboratories:


 Laboratory  Location
 Basic Communication  P03 - 516
 Microprocessor  P04 - 420
 Instrumentations  P02 - 419
 Basic Control  P08 - 414
 Basic Power  P07 - 108
 Basic Machine  P06 - 136 - 04

Individual Task

What a third year laboratory student will do individually?

  • - Each student will be assigned a group of  3 or 4 (depends on the size of the section).
  • - Each student must go to the laboratory website contact the lecturer assigned to prepare the pre-lab task and also to print out lab-sheet.
  • - Each student has to do a pre-lab task before conducting the experiment (could be a quiz/simulation or assignment).
  • - Each student will be interviewed once in two week. This will be done at the end of each laboratory sessions.
  • - Each students must fill in the peer review form twice throughout the courses

Group Task

What a group of lab students will do collectively?

  • - Each group has to attend experiments designated to them according to their program.
  • - Each group has to conduct ALL TWELVE experiments assigned.
  • - Each group has to write a short report which should be handed in at the end of a laboratory session.
  • - * For Microprocessor and Basic Power Laboratory, students MUST visit the laboratory contact the respective lecturer BEFORE the actual experiment date, to perform the pre-lab task/preparation. ** Failure to follow this instruction will result in incomplete laboratory experiment.
  • - Each group has to write a long technical report which will be handed in ONE week after the experiment. Each student is required to write ONE long report only for the entire semester. The title of the long report is assigned by the Third Year Laboratory Coordinator.
  • * Please download the Guide of Technical Report Writing as a guidance in your report writing.