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3rd Year Lab (Specialised) - SEEE/SEEM/SEEL3742 - Semester II

                              updated 15 Mac 2021

Third Year Specialised Laboratories  3742 - Semester II

Coordinator :         PM. Dr. Eileen Su Lee Ming        
Office                  P19A, Level 4, Room 03-04-21     
Email          :         eileensu@utm.my
Contact No.         07-5557113

This is the main page for your 3rd year Specialised Laboratories in Semester 2.  Students will find the list of laboratories and experiments, and files to download. 

Please visit the websites of the laboratories you are assigned to one week before the actual project, and do some research for your proposal preparation. You are responsible to get to know your projects before attending the labs.  

What a group of lab students will do collectively

  • Each group will attend projects designated to them by courses
  • Each group will conduct 4 projects altogether in this semester; each project takes three lab sessions (3 weeks) to finish.
  • Each group will have an inlab discussion and write a project proposal handed in at the end of the 1st lab session. 
  • If time permits and allowed by supervisor, the group can start the inlab work during the 1st lab session.
  • Each group will conduct the experiment, test and collect data on their project during the 2nd lab session.
  • Each group will analyse and interpret data during the 3rd lab session. At the end of the third lab session, each group will demonstrate their experimental work to the supervisor.
  • After Week 3, each group will submit ONE Group Report.

What a third year lab student semester 2, will do individually

  • Each student will need to find out the project/problem title from the respective laboratory website ONE WEEK before the lab.
  • Each student will be allocated some tasks in the first lab session by his/her own group. The student will write an Individual report based on the allocated task and hand in the report the moment he/she attends the second lab session. 
  • Each student will answer questions, give ideas or conduct experiment during every lab session. 

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