SKEE 3742


Week 1: brainstorming + identification of solution + literature review + experiment planning

Output: Submission of a two-page group proposal, which include title, problem background, objectives, methodology (with flow chart or block diagram), weekly timeline, task allocation, list of equipment and expected outcomes.

Out-lab work: Each student to prepare individual report with information and project planning related to their specific task. Report should contain short introduction of project and the specific task assigned, proposed solution, methodology and theory / calculation / simulation of expected outcome. 

Week 2 - submit individual report + begin lab work + testing and measurement + collect data + observe analytically

Output: Data collection or measurements completed.

Out-lab work: Students to complete experimental work and data collection.

Week 3 - analysis of data + interpret data + compare results with simulation and theoretical results + discussion

Output: Demonstration of results and lab work to supervisor. Data analysis completed.

Out-lab work: Students to complete and submit group report by Week 4. Group report will be in a IEEE paper format and generally contain the project/problem title, related works, proposed solution, methodology, results, discussion of results, conclusion and references. 

Week 4 - submit Group Report and complete an online peer review.

Group report should be submitted to respective lab facilitators. 

Peer review forms should be submitted online at:[ ] . Check your member list here.

Peer review form will be available in week 4



Week 1:

Group Proposal:                      10%  -   group

Inlab activity and interview      16.7%  -   individual

Week 2:

Individual Report                     10%  -   individual

Inlab activity and interview      16.7%  -   individual

Week 3:

Group Demonstration             10%  -   group

Inlab activity and interview      16.7%  -   individual

After Week 3 (in Week 4):

Group Report                            15%  -   group

Peer Review                                5%  -   individual

Individual Mark                      65%

Group Mark                            35%

updated 17 March 2024