SKEE 3742 Download

               updated 2023


1.    Assessment forms, templates and sample of technical report for Specialised Lab 3742 can be downloaded BELOW

2.    Please check the rubrics in each form to see what to include in your technical report and how the lab work would be graded.

3.    Students are responsible to complete their peer review online at [] after each project is completed. Check your member list to identify M1, M2, M3 and M4 in your group.

2023 Peer Review SEEE Student List

2023 Peer Review SEEL Student List

2023 Peer Review SEEM Student List


1. W1_Lecturer_F1 Rubric for Individual In-Lab Rubric

2. W1_Lecturer_F2 Rubric for Group Proposal

3. W2_Lecturer_F3 Rubric for Individual Report

4. W3_Lecturer_F4 Rubric for Group Demonstration

5. W4_Lecturer_F6 Rubric for Group Report


6. W1_Student_TP1 Template for Group Proposal

7. W1_Student_TP2 Template for Individual Report

8. W3_Student_TP3a Template for Group Report (IEEE format)

9. W3_Student_TP3b Sample of IEEE paper

10. W3_Student_TP3c Template for Group Report (Book Chapter format)

*Facilitator of your lab will decide which template to use for Group Report, either IEEE format or the book chapter format.