3rd Year Lab (Specialised)  SEEE/SEEM/SEEL3742   Semester II

                              updated 16 November  2023




Session: 20232024-2


 [Replacement Lab for 19 and 20 April 2023]
1. For labs that fall on Wed (19th) and Thurs (20th), you may opt for online discussion with your team and facilitator at a time convenient to you, within the same week. It is the Proposal week, so online discussion would be possible.

2. However, if your facilitator deems that the proposal discussion requires physical presence in the lab, please arrange for a replacement slot in the lab within the same week. 

[UG Briefing for 3rd Year Lab]

 Date : 21 MARCH 2023 (TUESDAY)

 Time   : 2:30PM till 3:30PM

1. For those who missed this briefing, the slides are attached below. 

2. Lab will start from (will be inform later), do check the student groups for updates and contact your respective facilitators via email before the start 

Third Year Specialized Laboratories  3742 - Semester II

Coordinator :         Dr. Nor Aini Zakaria        

Office           :         P19A, Level 5, Room 05-02-09     

Email          :         norainiz@utm.my

This is the main page for your 3rd year Specialized Laboratories in Semester 2.  Students will find the list of laboratories and experiments, and files to download. 

Please visit the websites of the laboratories you are assigned to one week before the actual project, and do some research for your proposal preparation. You are responsible to get to know your projects before attending the labs.  

What a group of lab students will do collectively

What a third year lab student semester 2, will do individually

2023 Briefing Student Implementation of 3rd Year Specialised Lab.pdf